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3D Printing

As the UK’s leading gym equipment service provider, ServiceSport UK strives for excellence, which is why our latest investment further supports our 3D printing department. The purchase of a high-definition handheld 3D scanner enables us to print almost any gym equipment part that our customers require.

ServiceSport UK has already invested in four 3D printers and we’re regularly manufacturing a range of gym equipment parts for our customers across the world. We know how difficult it can be to source gym equipment parts and have them delivered on time and this will soon be a long-lost memory with the introduction of 3D printing.

These printers can create physical, tangible products from a digital 3D model. They can be used for prototyping, customized production runs and even individualized items. 3D printing has been around for more than 20 years, but it’s only now becoming a real mainstream phenomenon. The technology has reduced the cost of goods by as much as 80%, and that saves manufacturers and companies money on production.

We’re now starting to manufacture gym equipment parts using the newly purchased handheld 3D scanner to get accurate dimensions of any gym equipment part. Our 3D scanner has lighting projection hardware and software algorithm, the 3D scanner is capable of scanning a wide range of objects of dark or black colour and casting metal surfaces, improving the capability for 3D scanning of materials.

This new approach in scanning capability allows processing up to 3,000,000 points per second, it also means inspection can be automated and creates a repeatable process that can be trusted time and time again. Taking measurements using hand tools to create products is a tedious task and yields inaccurate results. It’s much easier to get precise and accurate measurements quickly with a 3D scanner. As well as scanning for the sake of printing or designing from a blank slate, it’s easier to use existing objects as a reference for the new design with reverse engineering. There are also times when the original CAD drawings of a design are no longer available but documentation is essential to manufacture the product. By scanning the object with a 3D scanner, it’s easy to identify all the surface measurements required to analyse its construction. It’s also much easier to understand, recreate or improve a design.

For further information on 3D printed gym equipment parts, drop our team an email at info@servicesport.com or visit https://www.servicesport.com/services/3d-printing-and-cnc/