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Commercial Gym Equipment

The Future of Fitness with ServiceSport, the UK’s Premier Gym Equipment Provider.

Investing in high-quality gym equipment from ServiceSport can transform a fitness facility, enhancing the overall gym experience for members and attracting a broader clientele. It supports a wide range of fitness goals and needs, from weight loss and strength training to endurance building and rehabilitation, contributing significantly to the success and profitability of fitness businesses.

ServiceSport UK offers a comprehensive selection of commercial gym equipment, catering to the diverse needs of fitness facilities. Our range includes top-of-the-line cardio machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes, all designed for durability and user satisfaction. For strength training, we provide a variety of equipment including weight benches, dumbbells, and resistance machines, ensuring safety and effectiveness for users. Our functional training gear, like kettlebells, medicine balls, and battle ropes, adds versatility to workouts, while our specialty items, including rowing machines, stair climbers, and spin bikes, offer a well-rounded fitness experience.

  • Cardiovascular Machines: From high-end treadmills that simulate varied terrains to elliptical trainers that provide low-impact workouts, stationary bikes for intense cardio sessions, and rowing machines for full-body workouts.
  • Strength Training Equipment: Includes a wide array of free weights, resistance machines, functional training rigs for dynamic workouts, and plate-loaded machines for targeted muscle building.
  • High-tech Fitness Solutions: Features interactive fitness equipment and virtual reality fitness systems that offer immersive workout experiences, making exercise more engaging and fun.
  • Wellness and Recovery: Offers equipment like massage chairs for post-workout recovery, saunas for relaxation and muscle recovery, and hydrotherapy equipment for enhanced recovery processes.