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Gym Upholstery Repairs

ServiceSport UK are specialists in the repair of worn and torn gym pads! Whether the pads on your strength equipment need repairing on-site by our experienced engineers or a direct replacement pad is required contact us today!

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Gym equipment is a vital investment that requires routine maintenance and regular repairs. The most used and often overlooked pieces of equipment at the gym are the pads on strength machines and benches. These pads are the unsung heroes of every workout, taking a beating from heavy weights and sweaty gym-goers. Over time they become worn and torn, making exercise uncomfortable and posing a potential risk to members.

Luckily, there’s a cost-effective solution to breathe new life into these gym essentials – upholstery repairs!

Choosing to refurbish gym equipment pads is a wise investment. Our team of professional upholsterers can repair the tears and rips in the vinyl or supply a newly manufactured pad, restoring the functionality and sleek appearance of the equipment. The upholstery process is fast, ensuring minimal downtime of the equipment, so your gym members can return to their well-being routine without delay.

By choosing to refurbish equipment pads, you will save money on the overall cost of replacement while maintaining the look of your facility. Keeping every piece of equipment in good working order reflects a commitment to the health and safety of your members and demonstrates a dedication to achieving their goals. Choosing upholstery repairs for gym equipment pads is an effective way to contribute to the satisfaction of your members and the longevity of your gym equipment.

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