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3D Printing And CNC

ServiceSport UK continues to invest in technology to make the operational side of our business more efficient through the use of industrial 3D printers and CNC machines to manufacture a range of gym equipment parts and functional training equipment.


ServiceSport UK has invested significantly in several industry-leading 3D printers to meet the demand for gym equipment parts. As the UK’s number one service and repair provider, we understand the frustration that can arise as a result of a breakdown in the supply chain of gym equipment parts. A gym equipment part that had an original lead time of less than 1 week, suddenly becomes 2 weeks, then 3 weeks and so on!

3D printing allows ServiceSport UK to reduce those lead times and hold stock of a specific range of gym equipment parts without the need to rely on the original manufacturer. Our team can design and print gym equipment parts in just a few hours so that the downtime of your equipment is significantly reduced. In addition, all gym equipment parts manufactured using the 3D printing method are meticulously tested to ensure they perform to the same standard as the OEM equivalent.

Furthermore, 3D technology allows us to perfectly clone an original part. Our 3D scanner will accurately scan the original part for precise measurement and efficient reverse engineering to ensure the final 3D printed version is an identical replica.

This not only applies to gym equipment parts, the 3D scanner is capable of scanning any tangible item, so if you have an existing product that you are looking to recreate feel free to get in contact with our team at sales@servicesport.com


Our CNC machine allows us to manufacture popular gym equipment parts such as treadmill decks, backing boards, bespoke branded plyo boxes and much more.

There are many benefits associated with manufacturing gym equipment parts and products using a CNC machine such as:

  • Zero defects and greater accuracy.
  • Fast and efficient production.
  • Quicker assembly.

Once our CAD designer has set up the CNC machine with the relevant design files, they can be saved and used time and time again to provide a constant supply of stock at the push of a button. Making changes to any design to enhance the product is a simple process too, all taken care of by the ServiceSport UK team.

CNC machining also allows us to customise gym equipment for you!

Rather than carrying the original manufacturer’s logo on equipment, our CAD designer will work with you to apply your logo or slogan on specific gym equipment such as plyo boxes or even the joysticks on a treadmill!

3D Printing at ServiceSport UK


Whether you are looking for a range of bespoke gym equipment for your gym, a range of 3D printed gym equipment parts to ensure you are regularly stocked or you are interested in utilising our equipment for your own business, drop us an email today.

We welcome enquiries from any manufacturers that are interested in using our 3D printers, 3D scanner or CNC machine.

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