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From Good To Great At Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health in Friern Barnet has recently given their gym a modern makeover thanks to the team at ServiceSport UK!

You can be forgiven for assuming that prolonging the life of your gym equipment simply involves stepping up your maintenance programme once the OEM warranty has expired. A maintenance programme is an excellent way to ensure your gym equipment consistently performs at its best. However, over time, the look and feel of the equipment can deteriorate.

If you are an eco-conscious operator like Nuffield Health, how can you enhance your product without replacing it with new equipment?

“Although we work closely with ServiceSport UK to manage our gym equipment across the estate, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance our offering and innovate.” States Joanna Seldon, Senior Proposition Manager for Nuffield Health. “Having seen some of the amazing work that ServiceSport UK delivers for the Ministry of Defence, we were very impressed with how well the gym equipment looked and performed after their refresh process. It made perfect sense to choose this option. Not only does the equipment look new, it also ticks all the boxes for sustainability and our environmental and social responsibilities.”

The Nuffield Health Club in Friern Barnet gym has seen a range of its Technogym cardio equipment, including ten treadmills, a stepper, two waves, two varios, four synchros, four upright bikes and two recumbent bikes, along with several pieces of strength equipment such as adjustable benches, Olympic benches, a preacher curl and a Smith machine revitalized and given a new lease of life.

Matt Hoffman, Commercial Manager for ServiceSport UK Ltd stated, “ServiceSport UK couldn’t be happier with how the refresh project at Nuffield Health Friern Barnet has transformed the look and feel of the club. It’s extremely satisfying that we’re picking up more and more gyms in the commercial sector that are choosing to make the most out of their existing gym equipment. After all, buying gym equipment is a huge investment in the first instance. To help operators get an even bigger return on their original investment is a win-win situation for the operator and, more importantly, the members.”

ServiceSport UK and Nuffield Health have developed a relationship spanning more than ten years through the service and repair of gym equipment in 137 sites across the UK. ServiceSport UK has also supported Nuffield Health with their transformation projects at several high-profile clubs where new equipment has been built and installed by the ServiceSport UK team while the existing equipment has been extracted and delivered to other Nuffield Health clubs.

Special thanks to the team at Nuffield Health Friern Barnet for giving us the opportunity to showcase our refresh service 👏

For further details regarding the refresh of existing gym equipment, contact the team on 01257 264 738 or email