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How are you keeping track of your gym equipment?

ServiceSport UK offer ALL of our customers FREE access to asset management software! Completely tailored to your gym, the asset management software specifically focuses on removing the pain of tracking repairs and maintaining your gym equipment. Find out more below…

➡️ ASSET TRACKING: As a gym owner, you have a variety of gym equipment to manage, including treadmills, weight machines, exercise bikes, and more. Our free asset management software allows you to easily track the location, quantity, and condition of each asset on your gym floor and across multiple sites.

➡️ MAINTENANCE SCHEDULING: Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping gym equipment in optimal condition and reducing the risk of breakdowns. Our free asset management software allows you to report defects, schedule engineer visits and track the progress of jobs.

➡️ COST OPTIMISATION: By effectively managing assets, you can optimise costs and budgeting. Our free asset management software provides insights into the lifespan of your equipment, helping you make informed decisions about the repair, replacement, or reallocation of assets. This data-driven approach reduces unnecessary expenses and ensures investments are made where they are most needed.

➡️ MEMBER SATISFACTION AND SAFETY: Well-maintained gym equipment enhances the overall member experience. By using our free asset management software to schedule regular maintenance and repairs, you can provide a safe and reliable workout environment for your members. This contributes to member satisfaction, retention, and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

➡️ COMPLIANCE AND REPORTING: Many gyms must comply with safety regulations and industry standards. Our free asset management software can help you stay organised and demonstrate compliance by generating reports on maintenance activities, safety inspections, and equipment history. This documentation can be valuable in satisfying legal requirements and ensuring that your gym operates safely and effectively.

Our free asset management software simplifies the process of tracking and managing gym equipment, enables proactive maintenance, optimises costs, improves member satisfaction and safety, and assists with compliance and reporting requirements. By utilising this software, you will streamline your operations, extend the lifespan of your assets, and provide an exceptional experience for your members.

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