Dave Walsh - Servicesport | UK

Dave Walsh

Dave is the current 2 x strongest disabled man in the world after winning the world’s strongest disabled man competition in Canada in June 2022, by winning 3 out of the 6 events, and again in Florida in September 2023 by winning all of the events! Dave is also the current 2 x Britain’s strongest disabled man and holds the Guinness World Record for the heaviest and longest truck pull at an incredible 10 tonnes for 17.5 metres!!

Dave has been competing in the sport since 2012 when he was able-bodied and after a tough diagnosis of Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, decided to start competing in the disabled side of the sport in 2017 where he won the Worlds, Britain’s, and the Arnold UK.

We’re looking forward to seeing Dave in action across the world this year and attempting to break a number of world records along the way! Follow Dave’s journey with us on Instagram @sitting_bull_uk