Joda Quigley - Servicesport | UK

Joda Quigley

Joda is an official Hyrox Ambassador and is often found on the podium at Hyrox events across the world! Joda’s accolades include winning the mixed doubles in Manchester in January 2023, the Mixed Doubles in Glasgow in February 2023, various awards in Hamburg in April 2023, 5th in the WORLD at the Hyrox World Championships in May 2023, the Women’s Doubles in Manchester 2022 (setting a new World Record!), the Mixed Relay in Manchester 2022, the Mixed Relay in London 2022, the Women’s Relay in Birmingham 2022 (setting a new World Record!), the Mixed Doubles in London 2021, the Women’s Doubles in Birmingham 2021, the Mixed Relay in Birmingham 2021 and many more!! Prior to Hyrox, Joda competed in the Scottish 50km Road Championships claiming a bronze medal, the Scottish Novice Boxing Championships and claiming a gold medal, second place at the UKBFF Masters Bikini competition and is an Elite Spartan Race Winner.

Winner is definitely the correct word to describe Joda and we’re excited to see what other accolades Joda adds to the collection in 2024. Follow Joda’s journey with us at @jodaquigley