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Life Fitness 95C Level Control Assembly

A Life Fitness level control assembly for upright bikes from explore, discover and elevation ranges. More specifically compatible with:

95C Explore Upright Bike – 95CXPS-ALLXX-2101
95C Explore Upright Bike – 95CXPS-ALLXX-2301
95CS Discover (APT) – 95CS-ALLXX-0115
95CS Discover (APU) – 95CS-ALLXX-0107
95CXPS (BXU) – 95CXPS-ALLXX-2201
95CXPS (BXU) – 95CXPS-ALLXX-0101
97C Elevation (APC) – 97CS-ALLXX-0107
97C Elevation (APJ) – 97CS-ALLXX-0115
97C Explore Upright Bike – 97CXPS-ALLXX-2301
97C Explore Upright Bike – 97CXPS-ALLXX-0101
97C Explore Upright Bike – 97CXPS-ALLXX-2201
97C Explore Upright Bike – 97CXPS-ALLXX-2101


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Bike 95C Discover