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Prolong The Life Of Your Gym Equipment

As a member of CIMSPA and subscriber of S&PA Professional, you are entitled to the following exclusive discounts:

  • 10% OFF the service of gym equipment
  • 15% OFF upholstery repairs to gym equipment pads
  • 10% OFF the refresh of your existing gym equipment

DON’T MISS OUT – claim before 30th September 2023!

Poor service history of your gym equipment will result in costly repair bills and reduce its residual value!

Regular servicing of gym equipment is proven to reduce the number of breakdowns and increase the longevity of your equipment. ServiceSport UK employ a team of more than 20 engineers, strategically located across the UK, to meet the demands of customers such as the Ministry of Defence, Nuffield Health, JD Gyms, Bannatyne’s Health Club, Manchester United Football Club, Pure Gym and many more! Skilled to service, maintain and repair commercial gym equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Technogym, Life Fitness, Precor, Matrix, Concept2, Pulse, WattBike and others.

Choose from an ad-hoc service or trust ServiceSport UK to completely manage the full range of gym equipment with an all-inclusive service package.

Receive a 10% discount when booking a service with us before 30th September 2023.

Click through to our contact form below and send us a list of your gym equipment quoting the code SPA10 to qualify.


Upholstery Repairs

Choosing to repair your torn or ripped gym equipment pads is a wise investment. Our team of professional upholsterers can repair the tears and rips in the vinyl or supply a newly manufactured pad, restoring the functionality and sleek appearance of the equipment. The upholstery process is fast, ensuring minimal downtime of your gym equipment, so gym-goers can return to their workout routine without delay.

By choosing to repair or replace your equipment pads with ServiceSport UK, you will save money on the overall cost when compared to purchasing directly from the OEM while maintaining the look of your facility. Keeping every piece of equipment in good working order reflects a commitment to the health and safety of your members and demonstrates a dedication to achieving their goals.

We can match existing colours and styles or you can choose from a range of bespoke colours to suit your brand.

Use code SPA15 to save 15% off upholstery repairs with ServiceSport UK before 30th September!

Contact our team on 01257 264 738, email or download our app to claim.

Refresh Your Existing Gym Equipment

Prolonging the life of your existing gym equipment can involve more than simply arranging an annual service, reacting to defects and carrying out repair work. Your existing gym equipment can lose its appeal as a result of the frame being chipped; rust due to water and sweat; torn pads; exposed foam and cracked shrouds.

The answer doesn’t need to involve purchasing brand-new gym equipment!

Our team can arrange for your gym equipment to be extracted from the site, transported to our headquarters in Lancashire, stripped-down, worn parts replaced, frame sandblasted, powder-coated in a colour of your choice, upholstery replaced in a colour of your choice – with the option of an embroidered logo in the pad, and reinstalled back on-site to bring that WOW factor back to your gym floor.

Contact us today to arrange for a member of our team to visit your site and discuss options for refreshing your existing gym equipment!

Use REFRESH10 for an exclusive 10% off refreshing your gym equipment!