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We Need Your Vote!

Our Country Manager, Matt Hoffman, is running for a seat on the ukactive Supplier Council representing Fitness Equipment & Equipment Services!

Having worked for one of the UK’s leading gym operators, Nuffield Health, for 8 years, Matt knows firsthand the challenges that operators face with regards to the supply of equipment and equipment services into gyms and leisure facilities. Now employed by ServiceSport UK, the UK’s leading independent gym equipment service provider, Matt is empowered to provide solutions to such issues on a day to day basis across the UK. These solutions help gym operators deliver on various goals such as increasing participation in physical activity, reducing barriers to participation and cost effectively managing their facility through smart gym operations.

Matt led the Nuffield Health elevation programme, transforming fitness clubs across the UK into high end facilities that adopted the latest trends and innovations. This ensured existing members remained engaged in achieving their goals whilst also increasing overall participation in physical activity across the estate. This not only involved liaising with suppliers but also the customer. Matt regularly attended customer focus groups to garner feedback on proposed initiatives and to identify the ever changing demands of the ‘gym goer’. This customer-centric approach will bring a valuable perspective to the Supplier Council, ensuring that the interests and requirements of ukactive’s members are well represented.

Matt values collaboration and partnerships within the industry and by being part of the Supplier Council, Matt will foster strong relationships, promote networking opportunities, and facilitate collaborations among fellow Supplier Council members, ukactive members, and other stakeholders in the industry to drive mutual success, innovation, and growth within the fitness ecosystem.

ServiceSport UK has 25 years of experience operating in the fitness industry and supporting gyms and leisure facilities with equipment service provision. Matt brings a wealth of industry expertise and 14 years of experience in the fitness and sports sector. As a direct result of 8 years in a strategic operational role, Matt has a strong track record of liaising with the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers. Matt will serve as a strong advocate and representative for various suppliers within the fitness industry. By voicing concerns, sharing perspectives, offering valuable insights and knowledge, and engaging in strategic discussions, Matt will help shape policies, standards, and initiatives that will benefit the Supplier Council, ukactive and the industry as a whole.

As an independent service provider, ServiceSport UK sits in a unique position, capturing feedback across the whole spectrum of the fitness industry. By working with so many types of operators, and understanding their day to day challenges, Matt is empowered to share best practices with the Supplier Council relating to this category, and in particular, the most important asset that a gym owns – it’s equipment.

In his role at ServiceSport UK, Matt is dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the fitness industry. By actively participating in the Supplier Council, Matt will contribute to initiatives that promote industry advancement, be an advocate for beneficial policies, and drive positive change within the industry.

In summary, Matt is a reputable and forward-thinking industry expert that has the innovation, customer focus, collaborative mindset, commitment to industry growth, advocacy role, and dedication to improvement that make him a valuable candidate for a seat on the Supplier Council. By including Matt on the Supplier Council, ukactive will benefit from his contributions and insights towards advancing the fitness industry in the UK and receiving the support it desires towards its Vision 2030 mission and key objectives.

Your vote can help make a difference in shaping the future of the fitness industry and influencing key decisions that impact our community.

To vote, before 12noon on 22nd March, please use the below link:

Fitness Equipment & Equipment Services

Fitness Equipment & Equipment Services 2024 Vote | ukactive

Thank you for your support!